Save me

Save me from my mind to help me ease this pain and help me heal my heart before i drive myself insane. Only you can save me from my mind, contribute the love that i need or just remain beside with me until i carry it out for me. #libra #poem #overthinker #sure_about_you Advertisements

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Unfathomable faith he had, Even though the very faith has shattered him furiously once. Continued to trust his love 😁 #faith #hope #powerful

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#brother #sister #love A few words about my sister who happens to be far away from me right now.I don’t want to admit that i miss her but i do miss her. If you are reading this bring me something good to eat. 😆📢 In the pitch darkness he was left in,she was a nuisance […]

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#haiku #love #emotions Too precious to him, Desired the best life for her. But still made her weep !

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